Central Texas Family Karate
 Our Mission
The Mission of Bainton Bujutsu is to combine the effectiveness of modern, combat tested, self-defense techniques with the structure and discipline of the traditional martial arts. We believe the traditions, forms and principles drawn from traditional arts are invaluable in achieving our ultimate goal of improving the lives of our families, our communities and ultimately our society as a whole.
News and Events: Friday, Septemeber 29th- China Spring Early Release Tuesday, October 3rd - Robinson National Night Out Demo @ Peplow Park 6pm Monday, October 9th - All Schools Closed - We will have Camp Day 7am-6pm Wednesday, October 18th - NO EVENING CLASSES Friday, October 28th - Halloween Lock-In @ Hewitt Location starts at 6pm SHARP Belt Tests: Wednesday, September 27th - Interim Belt Test @ Hewitt - White through Advanced Yellow Belts Wednesday, October 18th- Sensei Demo for 6th Degree Bujutsu & 7th Degree Bakido Saturday, November 4th - 2nd Degree Black Belt Test @ Hewitt Saturday, November 18th - 1st Degree Black Belt Test & Banquet @ Hewitt Saturday, December 2nd - Red Jack Test @ Hewitt Good luck to those that are testing!
Robinson Location 113 DeAnna 254-644-5667
Hewitt Location 211 W. Panther Way 254-666-KICK (5425)
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