Central Texas Family Karate offers evening classes for adults and children (ages 5 and up) and an award winning after school program for grades K-8. Classes for adults as well as children are conducted in our 12,000 square foot air conditioned facility by qualified and trained martial arts instructors, who are also trained to teach safety, first aid, and CPR courses, and who are well trained in child care development.

We have a spacious facility located strategically in Hewitt, TX. We invite you to come by and meet us, to learn more about our instructors and programs. We have been serving the youth of Texas for over 23 years. Feel free to contact us if you need additional information about our services.


As a martial artist, I will respect my family and my home.

I will endeavor to bring honor to my art.

I will pursue my education to the best of my ability, with integrity and respect for my parents, teachers, and my fellow man.

I understand that violence is weakness and compassion is strength.

Michael J. Bainton, PhD © 1993


News and Events:

We hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year! Good luck to all the students returning to school, we hope you all have a great second semester.

We will not be having evening classes on New Year's Eve, and will be closed on New Year's Day.

Belt Tests

Advanced-White through Advanced-Red: Friday, January 15th @ 6:00PM

Good luck to those that are testing!


Camp Days

We will also have a camp day on January 18th for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Please remember to call or e-mail if your afterschool student will not be attending karate that day; we consider your child missing until we hear from you.

Student of the Month:

January's Student of the Month is Gavin Glasgow. Gavin is an Advanced Purple Belt, and has been a student here since 2012. He is 8 years old and is in the 3rd grade at Spring Valley Elementary School. His favorite color is pink and his favorite food is candy! When he grows up, he wants to be a Marine Biologist! Great job, Gavin!

Extra News

Parents, please double check that your child's initials are printed on all of their belongings (uniforms, Bakido T-shirt, school clothing, etc). We have several clothing items in the lost-and-found with no initials, so please check to see if your child has misplaced any items. Also, if your child does not have a lock for their locker, please provide a combination lock as soon as possible for security purposes (key locks are discouraged in case the lose both keys).

Award Winning After School Program:

Please note: Our studio has an emphasis on skill training and should not be misconstrued in any way as a day care program.

Grandmaster Michael J. Bainton's system has had 23 years of success with its afterschool programs. We focus on responsibility to family and education first, and through martial arts we build these values in our students. It is not important that your child become a "Bruce Lee"; some of the best martial artists are not necessarily the most talented, but the most courteous and respectful. Central Texas Family Karate builds good citizens first, and great martial artists second. The Ba Ki Do system has produced world champion martial artists, and our parent school South Austin Karate was recognized internationally as the Martial Arts School of the Year in 2003. In fact, Fox 7 did a piece on South Austin Karate for their "Texas Tales" segment, profiling our students success in pursuit of their education and for their martial arts ability.

SCHOOLS: Woodway Elementary, Hewitt Elementary, Spring Valley Elementary, South Bosque Elementary, Speegleville Elementary, Woodgate Intermediate, River Valley Intermediate, Castleman Creek, Midway Middle School, Lorena Primary, Lorena Elementary, Lorena Middle School, Robinson Primary, Robinson Elementary, Robinson Intermediate.

The cost of the after school program includes afterschool pickup. A registration fee of $90 is required which includes uniform, T-shirt, patches and membership fees. NO CONTRACTS.

After School Rates:
1st Child - $295 a month
2nd Child - $280 a month
3rd Child - $265 a month
4th Child - $250 a month


Evening Classes

Evening classes are open to students ages 5 and up. Our evening classes are designed so that you my choose your own schedule; you may come as often as you would like and on the days that you choose. We have classes Monday through Thursday that are open to all ages and all belt levels. See schedule below.

Monday - Thursday 6pm - 7pm (Family Class)
Monday and Thursday 7pm - 8pm (Advanced Class)
Friday 5:00pm-6:00pm (Sparring and Mixed Martial Arts)

Monthly Evening Class Rates:
$95 1st Family Member
$80 2nd Family Member
$75 3rd Family Member
$70 4th Family Member


Summer Kamp

Summer Kamp is currently out for the school year, but will begin again on June 6th, 2016. Reserve your spot now!

Summer Kamp Rates:
Daily :$25
Weekly :1st Child - $110 | 2nd Child - $100
Monthly :1st Child - $395 | 2nd Child - $350
Entire Summer :1st Child - $1050 | 2nd Child - $950